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You're fruity!

  • Mar. 6th, 2008 at 8:18 PM
just love the idea - Sinfest

You Are a Pear

You are independent, intelligent, and a free thinker.

You can accomplish great things, especially when you do them on your own.

You are direct, honest, and sometimes even a bit brutal.

There's not much that gets in the way of you and your ambition.

While you are hard nosed, you do have a much sweeter side to you.

It takes times for you to soften toward someone, but once you do, you'll be their friend for life.

I think I am getting a cold. Going to pop some cold medicine for the night and hope it doesn't get worse, I really don't need to be spending this weekend coughing and sneezing. And yay, let's go take more medicine. With all the crap I have taken this year already, my body would have to be buried on a hazardous waste depot if I dropped dead right now..

I want a pear now.

Random entry. I can still do that.


ichiban_victory wrote:
Mar. 7th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)
Forget the pear! Time to pump you full of orange juice... I sure hope you aren't getting sick, either! Something nasty has been going around that I'd not wish on anyone, and you have already had to take so many drugs already. I'm waiting to hear your body just disintegrated or something.

...okay, maybe not that bad, but man oh man...

P.S. - Dried pears are the best thing ever!