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mightiest team - Lina & Gourry
I guess I am glad the times where I really got so much into things (TV-series, books, video games..) that I spent a major part of my time on them seem to be behind me. There is/was great satisfaction in analyzing every word, contemplating every idea, researching every detail and wanting to know, see and own every little thing about something but there are also great frustration, disappointment and irrealistic expectations. Now I just simply love and enjoy anything that might have been obsession-worthy or used to be one. Step back or step up? Both? I don't know but it's ultimately less stressful.

Either way..

I still just had to immediately check Tokyo Toshokan for a Raw of the first episode of Slayers Revolution after work and yep, there it was. I kept my expectations low (as long as it's going to be better than TRY I have no objections) but I thought it was really really awesome. Despite me of course not understanding much but since it was the first episode it was basically just an introduction anyway. I like seeing Slayers in a better and cleaner but not overdone animation, too. And everything was just as if there never was a break at all, the feeling was the same as ever. That's all I am going to say now since I don't have time in the first place (again..) and I know there are still a couple of Slayers fans on my f-list and not everyone might have watched it right away and rather be waiting for a fansubbed version.

What could ever top the beginning of a new Slayers season? I mean, they would have to release the new X-Files movie I have been waiting for for years and years or something to be able to distract... oh, right, dammit! Pure glee and awesomeness.

I am going to stop before I do end up falling into obsessive fangirlness.

Really, how high are the odds of your two biggest "fandom" obsessions ever returning back to life in one way or the other at almost exactly the same time? I must be really lucky.

Going to Virginia Beach tomorrow so I finally need to start packing some things. (Which means still no real posting until next week when I will hopefully get off my lazy ass and write about some things I have been meaning to write about - but you know me, I might just not care anymore already in a couple of days...). Hope it will be a fun trip! See ya!


ichiban_victory wrote:
Jul. 4th, 2008 03:08 am (UTC)
Thank you for not exploding about the new Slayers anime. I also saw it, loved it, but it doesn't feel right obsessing so much over it. Yes, I'll enjoy it immensely as it becomes available (even if I can only see it in raw Japanese), but at this point I'm pretty much content just absorbing it. Maybe later I'll want to squee about things, but it's like when I read a book or watch a movie - I hold out until the end before I decide how I feel about it.

In any case, I had the chance to see Virginia Beach way back when, but the friends I was in Virginia with decided they didn't want to. I was always disappointed about that. I want to know if it has sandy beaches. ^_-

In any case, have fun! Wear plenty of sun block!