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Jun. 24th, 2005

  • 10:57 AM
reading - Yuki
Hm. I wrote some stuff about which animes and manga I like for my userinfo yesterday. I only went into detail for two of them (guess...) but I kind of wrote down my thoughts on the ones I only mentioned as a side note afterwards, too. And then on some more.. Out of... boredom? o_O
I think it's interesting to have it summarized here although I don't know if it's interesting for anyone beside me. Maybe.

What got me hooked on anime first was Slayers and it remained my favorite all the time and always will. I guess if there's something you can call me really obsessed with it is Slayers. I gather information about it like a maniac and my merchandise collection is insane. It also made me start writing fanfiction and drawing fanart which I didn't have any interest in ever before even though I was involved in other fandoms. And I do have a website about it which I unfortunately neglect far too often because real life or lazyness tend to get a hold of me. It seems to be worth a look though.. or so I've been told. ^^;
What I love the most about Slayers is.. oh, actually everything, but nevermind. Most importantly the whole atmosphere and the awesome and interesting characters. At first it seems like a simple humoristic fantasy story but what always fascinated me the most is that there's so much more to the story and to each person in it than what you see at first glance and that it has a very rich background and history. It makes me sad that most people prefer to stay on the surface and that there are so many wide-spread misunderstandings within the fandom.
I basically love all the characters though my interest in the ones that didn't appear outside the anime is not so high as it is for everyone else. Of course I love Lina a lot but my favorite is definitely Gourry. Aside from that I like Xelloss and Sylphiel but Naga, Zelgadis and Amelia aren't really that far behind either. And there are a lot of fascinating side characters. Told ya I loved them all. ^^; I also completely adore the relationship between Lina and Gourry so much I could melt at every piece of cuteness between them. They are most definitely my favorite anime pairing by far. Amelia and Zelgadis used to not interest me that much, probably because the characters interested me less and their relationship is less developed, but I have grown quite fond of their relationship over time, too. I blame certain people on my friends list. ^_-

Another big anime/manga favorite is Bleach which I have only gotten into when the anime started last year but have caught up with the manga in no time. I loved it from the first moment and it has slowly made its way to overtake everything else to win second place on my favorites list. It is also on its best way to become a real obsession, too - or probably already is.. At least I like talking about it a lot as well and my interest in trying my hand on fanworks has been sparked already. There's no escape anymore..
The story and the characters are both equally fascinating. Within the storyline everything has a meaning end everything somehow fits together. It also doesn't stop surprising you. The masses of characters first confused me but it's amazing how each of them gets their time to be presented and each has their own distinguishing background and personality. Bleach never gets boring.
I loved Ichigo from the beginning and he's still one of my favorites. But I started growing attached to Orihime after a while and have come to adore her completely now. So I guess she's my favorite. I also like Ishida and Yoruichi a lot and could easily name several others who come close. The relationships are all very interesting and Kubo Tite seems to like giving hints to romantic interests and then leave us back in the dark again. I think I like Ichigo/Rukia the most but I also see the possibility of Renji/Rukia. She has interesting relationships with both of them in general and while I believe in the first possibility who knows what will come? Aside from that I love Ishida/Orihime a lot, too. They are definitely extremely cute together so I'm hoping for more development between those two. A lot of characters have interesting relationships with each other though and I don't like reducing them to a "Who might end up with whom?" game. If you ask me, the highest chance in Bleach is that things will stay undefined even in the end.

Other anime and manga I like a lot:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - definitely one of my all-time favorites though I've never even had the slightest interest in the fandom. Currently I'm happily rewatching it on DVD with the Platinum Edition and always awaiting the next manga volume. I'm also reading the Iron Maiden manga. The biggest strength of Evangelion were always the psychological aspect and the incredible characters for me but I'm not going to go analyzing the meaning of every little bit of End of Evangelion - my obsession with NGE reaches its limit there. ^^; My favorite character is Asuka but I also love Misato. And most everyone else to an extent. I never cared much for Shinji but unlike your usual fanpoodle I admit that I simply don't understand his character very well instead of going "OMGHESUX!". I've found more facets in him and every other character the more often I watch or read it in all of its varieties and in NGE every character is outstanding in their own way.

Chrno Crusade - I think this is the only time I become a completely stuck-up elitist so be careful. -_- The manga is one of the best I've ever read, has a beautiful art, great characterisation and a clear and interesting storyline. The anime had sucky animation, shallow characterisation and a pointless storyline. I feel sorry for the good music composition and the great seiyuus but I can't help being happy that it flopped. The end. I'm also very thankful for not being English and having to rely one their releases since Chrono hurts my eyes. My favorite character is Rosette but like always I love everyone else as well, mainly Satella and Remington. I also adore the Chrno/Rosette pairing. Joshua/Azmaria is also really cute and I would have loved to see some more of their story after the actual end of the manga.

Inuyasha - This was also one of the first animes i fell in love with but my interest has toned down a lot over time because after a while the storylines went to repetitive. I'm still keeping up with the manga but it rarely really excites me. I have liked the series for too long to lose interest completely though and I still like the setting and characters and want to know how it all will end. I think Sango is my favorite but it was always close with Kagura (*sigh*) and Miroku. I also like Kikyou and Sesshoumaru. Relationship-wise I was always most interested in Sango/Miroku but also Sesshoumaru/Kagura even when they still were a quite unusual possibility. Inuyasha/Kagome is cute but I was always more interested in his past with Kikyou.

Mai-HiME - I think the anime is absolutely great. I first was kind of prejudiced and thought it was just another "magical girl"-story but I eventually was proven wrong and it turned out to be a very good and tragic story full of surprises. And the soundtrack is amazing. The manga which has a completely different storyline isn't bad either but didn't excite me as much as the anime - too much male-targeted fan-service, too, for my taste. So I have gotten a bit less interested again. My favorites are Natsuki and Midori but I also like Tate which was more spawned by the manga, I guess. The AU sequel Mai-Otome just started and I'll definitely keep up with it just for the fun of seeing familiar faces in different roles in it. The main characters being younger this time made it a bit childish to me in the beginning though. But who knows where this story will lead?

Death Note - It seems very different from what I usually read but the whole idea behind it intrigues me and I find the story extremely fascinating. I couldn't really tell who my favorite character is but I suppose that can only be Light since he is carrying the whole story. It's also awesome to witness a battle of wits instead of swords or magic for a change. I was not very excited about the current story arc and the sudden changes at first though and I seem to be not the only one missing the origianl L. I have gotten more interested again and there were some very exciting plots by now, I can't warm up with Mello and Near as much as with L though. Either way reading something "intellectual" as a manga is really nice, for a change. Unfortunately the majority of the fandom doesn't seem to keep what the manga promises though..

Dragon Half - Stupid me has only seen the OVA a short time ago and I immediately loved it. I have since then started reading the manga, too. It’s sad that there has never been an official release because it is really hilarious. It’s wonderful to read something silly from time to time and the characters and art are very lovely. Of course I like Mink a lot but Dick Saucer also makes it impossible for me to not like him, considering his resemblance to a certain favorite anime character of mine..

Fruits Basket - I have started reading the manga because I know several people who seem to love the series a lot and was curious what they were talking about all the time. I’m normally not very much into shoujo romance but this story has indeed something interesting to it somehow so I stick to it. Unfortunately the fandom is kind of weird about "spoilers" and hardly anyone seems interested in whatever goes on after whereever the release in their country is at the moment so scanlations are very slow. That's pretty sad and since I don't have the time to hunt down raws I am a bit behind most of the time. The manga really would deserve better (and quite frankly, most scanlations suck). I doubt I’ll watch the anime unless it suddenly magically falls into my hands. Knowing it didn’t go very far into the story and changed a lot about it it doesn’t spark my interest for now. As for characters I love Shigure and Kyo the most.

X/1999 - This was one of the first animes I watched and I still find it very impressive but am not very interested in it anymore. I always wanted to read the manga but somehow never got around to do so. This anime sort of frustrated me all the time because I just didn't want to believe that everything that was prophesized from the beginning would really happen.. It's definitely a great story and the whole atmosphere kept me glued to the screen all the time. Of the characters I liked Arashi the most but also Subaru (someday I need to look into Tokyo Babylon) and a few others. Everyone was presented very well and I liked that it wasn't a clear "this side is good and that side is bad" thing. I really didn't like the movie though. -_-;

Scrapped Princess - I liked this anime for its bery nice animation and all-around good storyline and characters. It was nothing special that leaves you stunned and I haven't yet felt the urge to re-watch it. But it is simply done with effort and not just to make some quick money, and that's something that even a few other animes I do like often lack. The story was quite interesting, especially with the mix of fantasy but in the end it left me not very satisfied. Of the characters I was somehow fascinated with Zepheris and I like Shannon.

Lost Universe - I think what I mostly like about this anime are the characters. It shows again how great Hajime Kanzaka is with characterisation. The storyline itself wasn't boring but didn't get me excited either, it mainly interests me for its connection to Slayers. I never saw it whole anyway. Sometimes the same seiyuus and the resemblances to Slayers characters irritated me though. Of the characters I liked Kaine, Canal and Rail.

Shingetsutan Tsukihime - That was a rather short but nice anime. I like some darker things from time to time and the whole atmosphere was really fascinating, it had a strangely artistic touch. It wasn't anythig too spectacular though and kind of left too much unexplained in the end. It's odd to know it was originally a hentai video game. I think I liked the sister of the main character most but I neither recall her nor his name. -_-

Magic Knight Rayearth - I almost forgot this one.. I only ever saw the first season of the anime but I really enjoyed it a lot. It was an interesting mix of cuteness with a typical magical girl storyline that turned quite serious and surprising at some point. You can't possibly not love the animation either. I like Umi the best, in the beginning because she seemed to react more realistic to their "mission" than the other two girls so I needed longer to warm up with them. And the relationship between Emeraude and Zagato was so tragic and fascinating..

.hack//SIGN - Almost forgot this, too. -_- The most interesting about this anime was the setting inside of something that wasn't even the reality but a virtual world and all the characters were just roles and we only got quick glances of who this people really are. I would so play this game, too, but that's beside the point.. Anyway, it had good animations and a great soundtrack although it couldn't win me over completely. I still need to check out more of the .hack stuff. I didn't really have a favorite but I liked characters like Krim, Bear, Mimiru and B.T. I admit I had troubles with Sora and the relationship between Subaru and Tsukasa or whatever their names were bored me. -_-;

Violinist of Hameln - Ah, a really old manga but an awesome story and wondeful art. I'm glad I started resding it but unfortunately it never got the appreciation it deserves and thus scanlations stopped at a very early point of the manga and I'm just too lazy searcing everywhere for raws and summaries so I rely on other people spoiling me or just sit and wait. What actually first interested me was the relation to the old legend from the nice town Hameln which happens to be close to where I live. XD I thought I really had to start reading this. I saw the short movie, too, and it's nice, so is the music for the anime that I probably won't ever watch considering the horror stories I heard about it. Of the characters I tend to the males here, both Hamel and Raiel, who I've needed some time to get warm with though. And Raiel/Sizer intrigues me more than Hamel/Flute..

Fullmetal Alchemist - I started watching this series long ago, actually but ran out of download possibilities or was just plain unlucky so it ended up in an odd odissey. I finally got the chance to see it now and am currently doing this. I really love it, it has just the perfect mixture of drama, action and humor in it. It's pretty tragic and exciting and the characters are all really wonderful. I tend to Roy as a favorite but I'm also very unoriginal and love Ed, too. Al's a sweetheart and.. Hughes is awesome, too. ;_; I'd rather not be associated with the fandom though. I know there's quite a few intelligent fans but the majority is so batshit-crazy I feel my IQ dropping by even thinking of them.

Hmm, I think that's basically it. I leave out Harukanaru Toki no Naka de because I didn't see that much of it - why is no one subbing it anymore? It's really good. I wish I had at least downloaded the raws. ;_; Grenadier had some good parts but basically it wasn't that great so no further mentioning of it either. And Fullmetal Panic was the only anime until now that I saw whole but didn't like. The whole combined Mecha and Psychology stuff completely didn't work for me here in contrary to NGE and all that interested me were the episodes that focused on Kaname and Sousuke(?). But I loved Kurtz.
I saw random episodes of several other animes but I don't think that makes them worth mentioning. That's all. Unless I forgot something which is definitely a good possibility...


tarahime wrote:
Jul. 4th, 2005 04:23 am (UTC)
I should do a post like this for my journal. ^^
nimry wrote:
Jul. 4th, 2005 05:33 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's quite interesting, I think. ^^